Magnet Tahiti Moorea Bora Bora Raiatea Huahine Rangiroa - TAHITI

Magnet Tahiti Moorea Bora Bora Raiatea Huahine Rangiroa - TAHITI

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Tahitian style signboard

Decorative sign such as American license plates.

This thin and light metal plaque, to the efigie of Tahiti and her islands, is ideal for decoration. Equipped with a magnet, it easily magnetizes to other metallic materials.

Two models are available:

Model 987 French Polynesia

The relief patterns represent:
- An island with 2 coconut trees on a background of sunset, typical landscape of Tahiti and her islands. - The number 987 with reference to the first three digits of the postal zip code of French Polynesia. The two contiguous figures correspond to the communes or islands. - The flag of French Polynesia. - The country is indicated in English "French Polynesia" and in French "Polynesie Française".

Tahiti model

The patterns represent:
- A paradise landscape of coconut trees, translucent water, white sand beach, with a luxury hotel and its overwater bungalow in the background. - An hibiscus flower yellow orange, usually used to make wreaths of flowers or adorn the house. - The most famous islands are shown in relief with Tahiti in the center. Raiatea, Huahine, Rangiroa are written on the upper part; Moorea and Bora Bora on the lower part.

Size: 8 x 4 cm / 3.15in x 1.57in - Weight: about 10 g - Deliver with transparent plastic film.