Return and refund

Extract of the general terms and conditions of sale

5. Return

The customer can request a return within 7 days of receipt. Following agreement and sent a return number from POLYMISSIONS, the customer must return all items, properly protected in their original packages, in perfect condition, with all accessories, user manuals, documentation and a copy of the written agreement sent by POLYMISSIONS, to the address provided with the said agreement.

The shipping cost and return are supported by the customer. All returns through cash on delivery (COD) is not accepted.

This right of return will only be accepted for complete products in perfect condition (original packaging, accessories, instructions ...) with the original invoice. Items returned incomplete, damaged or soiled by the customer (including packaging) cannot be take back. Discounted or discontinued products cannot be returned or exchanged.

Downloaded products cannot be exchanged or take back if an unlock key has been provided and can not be canceled.

In case of withdrawal, POLYMISSIONS is required to refund the customer payment with no charge except for shipping costs (shipping and return).

POLYMISSIONS reserves the right to cancel any order from a customer with whom there is a dispute over payment of a previous order or when analytical data supplied by the anti-fraud control agencies informs about a high risk transaction.

6. Refunds

In case of fault by POLYMISSIONS or the carrier, the customer has the choice between a returning shipping paid by POLYMISSIONS, or a complete refund (products and fees).

In case of fault by the customer, the customer has the choice between a returning shipping after payment of forwarding costs and fees, or a refund of the products (all fees and shipping cost are not included).

Refunds are done within 30 days after approval by POLYMISSIONS and can be performed through Paypal, credit card cash back, wire transfer or check. The payment method can be different than the one used by the customer during his order.

In case of fault attributable to the carrier, POLYMISSIONS will initiate the claim after receiving all necessary information from the customer.

4. Shipping

After order confirmation, POLYMISSIONS is committed to deliver to its carrier all the products ordered by the customer within a maximum period of 2 business days, insofar as all products ordered are in stock at the time of validation of the order.

Note that if a product is available, and indicated that several commands are committed simultaneously, it is possible that the out of stock sign is not indicated immediately upon confirmation of the order. In this case the customer is warned when processing the order and the commitment to deliver the carrier within 2 working days is canceled.

The delivery is made according to the customer's shipping choices. Only the carrier undertakes him to deliver the order to the buyer's address provided by POLYMISSIONS. The deadlines are provided for information only and are not contractual. Deadlines are very fluctuating depending on the carrier, destination countries, and periods of the year. The possible delays do not entitle the buyer to claim damages or the refund of the shipping costs.

For deliveries outside of French polynesia, the customer agrees to pay all taxes due to the importation of products, customs duty, value added tax and all other taxes due under the laws of the country of receipt of the order. POLYMISSIONS fact emerges from legal liability if the payment of taxes was not made by the customer.

Are considered as force majeur releasing the seller from its obligation to deliver, war, riot, fire, strikes, accidents, inability to move when prohibitions emanating from official bodies (cyclone , tsunami etc.) and the impossibility of being supplied.

The goods always travel at the risk of the recipient. Always check your package upon arrival and refuse opened or degraded package and mentioning it to the carrier.

For reasons of availability, an order can be delivered several times to the customer. The customer only pays for one delivery. If the customer wishes 2 different delivery address, he has to do 2 orders.

4.1. Package not received

A non-received package is considered in dispute by POLYMISSIONS after a request from the customer AND after an exceed of the maximum delay announced on the web site multiplied by 2.5.

This multiplier of 2.5 is increased to 4 for all packages shipped after July 15, 2020 due to the Covid 19 outbreak.

Refunds or reshipping are described in article 6.

If a returning shipping is done by POLYMISSIONS, the customer must refuse the second package if the first one is finally delivered.

4.2. Undelivered parcel returned to POLYMISSIONS

The faults attributable to POLYMISSIONS are: transcription errors in the customer's address on the package, and postage errors.

The faults attributable to the carrier are: routing errors. Parcels lost, damaged or stolen are regulated by articles 5 and 7.

The faults attributable to the customer are: refusal to accept the parcel, unclaimed parcel, error in the shipping address, undeliverable parcel (dead letter mail), unidentifiable recipients on the mail box, inaccessible mail box.

Refunds or reshipping are described in article 6.

4.3. Damaged package

In case of reception of a damaged package, the customer must refuse the parcel and indicate on the delivery note of the carrier the mention "damaged", so that the insurance is likely to be applied.

If there is no delivery note, the customer must make a finding of spoliation on plain paper, co- signed by the carrier.

A copy of the delivery note or annotated document is to be sent to POLYMISSIONS. It will be then possible either to send a new parcel (free), either to refund (products and expenses).

In case of no transmission of the delivery or document annotated to POLYMISSIONS, the reship or refund will take place at shorter time between the return of the parcel damaged to POLYMISSIONS or the expiration of the delay as mentionned in article 4.1.

Upon acceptance of the damaged package by the customer, POLYMISSIONS disclaims any responsibility.